1985.5-1989 944NA


Introducing the 944MAX. This chip is for the 944 NA owner who wants to optimum performance and drivability.

We have been in the development phase of this chip for over a year. In beta testing this chip in its former version 6 has been in testers' cars for a year with great results. The dyno listed below is from the V6 chip, which I used to complete V7. As soon as the V7 dyno is available it will be added to this page. We are confident V7 is the best performance chip ever developed for the 944NA.

This next chart is a completely stock 1987 944NA. The Red/Blue lines are stock, the black and green our 944MAXR chip. The chart shows a peak gain of 7RWHP, but note the TQ from 4400 to 6000 RPM. In this area you see as much as 12RWHP over stock. This further illustrates peak numbers aren't everything, area under the curve is what it's all about.

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We surpass every chip we've been measured against in overall performance. Our torque bands are better than any other I have seen so far.


$250.00 USD

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