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MAXhpkit is proud to announce the addition of the Multi-board to our product line. This adapter replaces your current chip with a new memory chip which has 8 times the capacity of your stock chip. This adapter can be used in both 24 and 28 pin sockets so that it functions in nearly every ECU, whether it be Porsche, BMW, or other Motronic ECU which uses 4K or 8K (2732/2764) chips.


Chip images are available for many vechicles detailed on our Products page.

So.. you noticed the 993 DME in the pic, Eh? That's right, we're now working on the 993, the 964, and 968 chip products, and will be adding them to the MaxTune product line as well. People have been asking for the demo version of Maxtune again, so we have created one, you can download it HERE.

It seems a lot of people still want standard chip products, but unfortunately the older cars with the 24 pin chips will suffer the most because those chips are becoming near impossible to find. But 24 pin ECUs can easily be upgraded to 28 pin. So we will begin upgrading ECUs for people, please see our Services page for more information

We continue to develop products to address many markets in the automotive performance tuning industry. Our chips have been a great success, providing customers with the best overall performance on the market, at the best price.