Our Mission

At MAXhpkit our mission is client satisfaction. We strive to provide the best tuning products and services available at the best prices, as demonstrated by our clients' testimony and dyno data.

We guarantee maximum performance, that is our motto. Our products will deliver the best overall performance to the market, at competitive pricing.

We will remain focused on developing complete Motronic DME solutions for the German Automotive community. We think of our clients as just that, our community. We will also continue to provide the best customer service, and maximum performance for your application. We will continue to bring new products, developed from the ground up.

With more than 25 years in the computer industry our aim is to bring all of our diverse experience into the Automotive Performance market with only one goal. To provide the best performance development available. We're changing the landscape of the market. We are providing new development and customized product which no one else can offer. As stated over and over by our customers, our customer support is superior to all others.