Stage III

'87-'88 Porsche 944S

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You've tried the other guys, and you just can't get enough!

The new 944SMAX chip is designed to enhance your driving experience. We have factored the characteristics of the 2.5L 16 Valve engine and driver input, along with Dyno testing to provide a better power band and smoother performance. From idle to full throttle this chip provides clearly better performance above stock chips with an average gain of 4-6RWHP.

On the dyno we gained 5HP over stock, but you can easily see that the torque curve comes in 100 RPM sooner and 2Lbs higher at 3500-4000 rpms, and holds again 4Lbs higher at over 200 rpm sooner from 4000 rpms to peak at 4500 rpm, 200 rpm before stock peak. From there the torque curve holds 4-6Lbs over stock all the way to redline. The run was to 6500 rpm but this chart only shows to 6050 for some reason, but you can see as the HP and TQ lines are leaving the chart they are spreading even farther from stock to redline. You will have 5-6Lbs. of torque over stock to redline. This car doesn't run out of steam.

As always, we guarantee maximum performance. These chips will out perform any competitor in all around drivability and performance. We also do it at a reasonable price.

$250.00 USD

944SMAX Upgrade
$150.00 USD

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