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'86-'87 Porsche 944 Turbo / 951
'88-'89 Porsche 944 Turbo S / 951

This is the chip you've been looking for!


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You've tried the other guys, and you just can't get enough!

What sets this chip apart? Testing and research done first hand by me specifically for the 1986-89 Porsche 944 Turbo and Turbo S DME/KLR. On track I ran 22-24PSI, off track I dialed it back down to 18PSI and kept it there. With this configuration I obtained optimum performance through all ranges right up to 7000RPM (rev limiter moved to 7000 RPM on these chips) No stumbling, no surging, no coughing! Smooth power from zero to full throttle!

Chips alone won't do it! You MUST HAVE:

1) Rising rate 3 bar fuel pressure regulator

2) CLEAN and flow matched injectors

3) Upgraded waste-gate to hold the boost or shims

4) Manual boost controller

You won't ping (detonate) at high boost over 18PSI (20+ with race gas), and you won't run so rich that it washes down your cylinders. The most common complaint I hear from my clients is that they constantly experienced inconsistent performance.

More often than not it is when a tuner doesn't know exactly how much fuel to use at a certain boost level and compensates for lack of knowledge with extra fuel. Usually to extremes.

These chips are for serious 951 performance addicts, it's the last chip you'll buy. Pumping this much horse power out of a little 2.5L engine is operating at the very limits of its design, just as Porsche intended!

But you need to have everything in order and well tuned. You will get quicker response (read less turbo lag), smooth power transitions that is VERY difficult to achieve in a turbo.

With the setup described above your car can deliver 300+HP at the rear wheels The boost level required to reach this level varies across different turbo sizes. We give you the ability to run up to 18psi boost and maintain proper Air/Fuel Ratio.

We surpass every chip we've been measured against in overall performance. Our torque bands are better than any other I have seen so far.

You must have all parts of the equation. You NEED 3" exhaust to flow enough air, you NEED 3 bar fuel regulator to feed the injectors with enough fuel at the proper pressure per their duty cycle. You may even want to move up to #55 injectors to be on the safe side. I used stock injectors that had been rebuilt and flow matched.

I have tried every chip on the market and these mappings are unique. You can use your stock AFM, and I also recommend your stock air box. We design this chip for the 944 Turbo and Turbo S 1986-1989, please use the Chip Selector below to select your chip when ordering. Custom chips available as well, call or email for pricing.


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