Motronic Tuner

MaxTune is a live tuning tool we have developed to allow you to tune your vehicle in real-time. MaxTune is designed for use with an EPROM emulator such as the Ostrich, but also works with others. Click HERE to download the demo.

The Ostrich is an emulation system which allows up to 7 user selectable maps. Chip images are available for many vechicles detailed on our Products page.

Maxtune Pro was written with diversity in mind. At the moment it will work with all 944NA/S/S2, Turbo, and 3.2L 911 series Porsches. We will continue to add different vehicle specifications broadening the tuning spectrum until all vechicles with a Bosch Motronic computer are included. Map spec file downloads are free, and upgrades are free for the life of the program.

MaxTune Pro will also allow a file editing mode, as well as integrated hex editor for direct memory manipulation, even in real-time. The Pro version also gives ready access to air temp correction maps, FQS maps, AFM transfer function, and fuel enrichment.

Once you have made your purchase, please go to our Contact page and supply detailed information about your car.

$150.00 USD


$300.00 USD

Unlimited License
(for tuners)
$1000.00 USD


All MAXhpkit chips and kits require at least 91 octane fuel for proper and safe running conditions. MAXhpkit assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage to your vehicle, personal property, or relationships while using our products. All products are intended for off road use and may not comply with DOT/DMV criteria. Please check your local requirements.