We will now being offering ECU upgrade services for older 24 pin DME Motronic computers. This service will cost $75.00 USD and include return shipping. You may pay for this upgrade by clicking HERE

At MAXhpkit we offer customized chip tuning for your specific performance needs. We can map your chip for specific injector sizes turbo size, MAF/AFM, and specific boost level. We offer extra safety margins when requested.

Custom tuning takes place after you purchase our retail chip or chip kit. Ideally you would need access to a dyno or a data logging device to provide us the output. With these data results we can better tune the chips to match your specific modifications, your driving style, and performance requirements.

A typical custom tuning costs $350.00, some situations may warrant several rounds of reading data and re-tuning your chips. For this reason we put a limit of two iterations of reading data and tuning, for a total of three chips including the initial chip purchase.

We also provide a chip image transfer service for Maxtronic Users. In this service you send your physical chips to our support tech who will read your chip and email you the images for loading into the Maxtronic. Your images will also be uploaded to your MaxByte repository. This service is a flat fee of 35.00 USD which includes shipping your chips back to you. Maximum 7 chips. Please email us for chip imaging requests.

On rare occasion I will tune your car live on a dyno, this service is very expensive. But if that is what you must have, contact me.

Please contact our Resellers for specific tuning which pertains to their products.